How To Conquer Psychometric Testing

Psychometric testing is in essence simply a mental test which allows certain facets of each individual to be measured. It is a measure of an individuals mental skill and abilities. Many factors contribute to a person’s over all mental skill. Personality, intelligence, memory, behavior and even sensitivity are all key factors in measuring mental skill. All these factors play a huge role in the way each individual reacts in certain situations, copes with pressure, and completes tasks among many other things.

In modern times many companies use this form of testing as part of their human resources process and in assisting to find suitable candidates to fill vacant positions. If you are lucky enough to receive an invitation to interview and you have been informed that you will have to undergo psychometric testing and evaluation, there is no need to be alarmed. Stay calm, research, practice and you will do just fine.

Psychometric test

Bear in mind that this is not a test that can be successfully completed on the basis of luck. This is the kind of test where you have to prepare and practice. The repetitive action of redoing similar question and tasks over and over will definitely increase your scores each and every time and each time the tasks will become easier to complete successfully. You have been given a chance to ensure that you score high results and secure the position so use this to your advantage. Take as many psychometric test online as you can and increase your chances of scoring in the high rankings. The higher your scores, the more likely the position will be yours. Think of this as an opportunity and not as a hindrance or obstacle standing in your way. This is a chance to learn valuable information about yourself and to improve yourself.

There are particular times when an employee does request that staff who are already employed with the company undergo psychometric testing. There is no need for this to send you into a panic or fear that you may lose your job. Your employer is simply accessing the suitability of each person for their particular work positions. Perhaps your employer may consider moving you to a new position or department based on your results or he may leave you in your existing position on receiving confirmation that you are perfectly suited for it. Have confidence in your abilities and capabilities and tackle the test with your full commitment.

Be prepared for the test and understand that your test administrator may take the old school approach of a pencil and paper test or the more modern approach of completing the test online. Use whatever resources you have in the form of psychometric papers which you can find online and practice until you are able to perform the tasks with your eyes closed.  Enter the examination room well rested and with a winning attitude. Confidence and belief in yourself are great contributing factors to excellent results. Negative thoughts and connotations should be left outside the exam room as these will only set doubt loose in your mind and you will end up psyching yourself out from the start.  If you have a disability don’t be afraid to inform your test administrator and they will be more than happy to accommodate you to ensure you perform at your best. Yes this isn’t your interview as such but dress smart as you are still competing against other individuals and you need to portray the professional you are.  Take a few moments to gather your thoughts before beginning, work through the answers you know and then with the left over time go back and complete ones you may have left out. Take note of any messages or instructions which may be marked on the pages. If you are really stumped on a particular question, an educated guess will be worth attempting as you didn’t know the answer to begin with.

For interview purposes, most of the questions asked are general knowledge and will test you ability to work in a team as well as your leadership skills. Your personal strengths and weaknesses will also be measured.  There are almost always maths related problems so definitely brush up on those skills.

Follow a healthy diet, exercise frequently and drink enough water to keep yourself hydrated and flush out any toxins. Following a healthy regime will leave you feeling refreshed and clear minded. Exercise will help relieve stress which will leave you feeling calm and relaxed and able to focus on the tasks at hand. Exercise also promotes the production of feel good hormoes in the body and these are an instant confidence booster and will have you feeling on top of the world in no time at all. Sleep is imperative to a clear and focused mind that is capable of concentration. Sleep needs to be “good” sleep, sleep that leaves you well rested and revitalized for a new day of work.

It is good advice to try to get some feedback on your test. Whether or not you progress in the interview stage it is a good tool to have. Remember that probably half the class taking the test with you will not obtain the results they expect or desire but there is hope if you simply keep working on it and keep trying. The results will reveal where your aptitude lies and in which area you still need to work to improve. Persevere and keep trying. Take any personality, IQ or puzzles like sudoku that you can lay your hands on as these will sharpen your mind and broaden your thought and problem solving horizons. This is the time when you really need to expand your mind in every sense of the word. Redo practice tests and when you feel confident that there has been improvement, apply again and you never know you may be successful this time around.

Be prepared and definitely don’t depend on luck to pull you through, if you want that amazing job, you are going to have to work for it and prove your worth.

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