Psychometric Testing to Assist With Subject Choices

Psychometric testing is a practice that is becoming very popular as a means of measuring abilities, capabilities, personality traits and cognitive functions. This can be of great  assistance for children who are at a point in their school careers where they need to start making selections of subjects which will carry them through to further studies and a career that they want to pursue.

Psychometric testing allows the professional to carefully and skillfully evaluate personality traits, behavioral factors which would include reactions to certain situations as well as the ability to cope under pressure or in high pressure situations, reasoning will also be evaluated in in all areas which will include numeracy.

Psychometric test

The importance of these tests can not be explained. The weaknesses and strengths of the individual are pointed out and areas that need additional work are made clear. The career psychologist assisting your child will have in depth discussions with your child in order to ascertain what their hopes and ambitions are, what their circumstances are and meter their emotional maturity. This discussion, paired with the results from the psychometric test will offer the career psychologist a much wider view of the individual using objective and scientific results.

The career psychologist will discuss with your child where his strengths or weaknesses lie and what career paths and environments are best suited to his particular personality. This is a process that must be undertaken before you child makes subject selections at school level. Often the wrong subjects are chosen and when it comes time to apply to universities for the particular course they want to study, they find that they will not be accepted because the subjects are irrelevant to the course.

Of course your child may not completely agree with the results presented and they may not necessarily take the advise of the career psychologist. If you are lucky, you have a child that will do what the have passion for and if the scores say otherwise, they will work hard to improve in those areas rather than give up on their dream or sell themselves short. If you are well aware that your child is disagreeing through stubbornness, do something about it before it’s too late. Making the wrong choices now could negatively affect his future. You don’t want your child to have to settle for whatever he can study with his chosen subjects.

Psychometric testing will also prove valuable in assessing the study methods your child is capable of using successfully. Some children need the rigidity of a school or educational environment where there are rules and regulations predetermined, while others may thrive working on their own at home and at their own pace. This will depend on the personality traits of your child and whether they have the behavioral patterns necessary to commit and follow a schedule without being supervised.

Always explain to your child the necessity to have the psychometric testing done and let them know that this is to help them to make more informed choices and to become aware of areas they need to work on and strengthen. Often we are completely unaware that we are actually lacking in those areas so continue on as normal, never trying to improve. If your child is visually able to see the results of the scientific testing, they are better able to understand what is meant by areas of weakness. They may automatically think that they are useless in these areas when that is not the case at all.

The career psychologist will be able to explain to your child which subjects are suitable for which career paths and which tested areas are required to succeed in these areas. These discussions will lengthy and your child will be given some information to read over so that they can go home and really give some thought into what they want to do with their lives.

It is not an easy task selecting subjects that will ultimately define the course of your study path and eventually your career choice. Don’t allow your child to choose subject based simply on how easy they are, this in itself shows no ambition or urgency to better themselves and is a problem from the start. Encourage your child to challenge themselves at every opportunity.

It is your duty as the parent, to enter into discussions with your child following the testing and make decisions with your child. Ultimately it is your child’s decision but you should be able to guide them in the right direction.  If you force them on a path they want nothing to do with, then you can expect them to fail as they will have no inclination to study or pay any attention to that. Rather allow them to select but make suggestions and back your suggestions up with valid reasoning. If your child knows that you have their best interests at heart, they will take heed to what you say, they may not do as you say but they will listen.

Psychometric testing is invaluable in this decision making process and each and every child should be allowed the opportunity to take part in this kind of testing and really get to know themselves completely. Sometimes just that insight into who they really are will open up a whole new world of possibilities.

Take your child to a professional who is licensed and registered with the correct authorities and be certain that they are capable of carrying out the tests, scoring them and offering feedback that is both insightful and helpful. The aim of the tests is to make your child decisions that little bit easier and allow them to be made in an informed manner. Encourage your child to take the tests seriously and to really put effort into them because they may define their future and ultimately be the reason they choose a specific career path. Remind your child that this is a test that cannot be passed or failed but that the results are there to show what areas you need to improve on and which areas you are more than capable in.

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