Psychometric Testing To Evaluate Learning Disabilities Or Behaviour Issues

Psychometric testing is becoming more useful in a number of applications in this modern day. Human resources companies are using this kind of testing as a means of selecting applicants that are suitable for the open position. Career psychologists are using psychometric testing to assist school going children in subject selections for their future career paths. Psychometric testing has even progressed and crept into other areas relating to children and is now commonly used as a means of accessing learning disablilites and behavioural problems.

Psychometric testing

Children with learning difficulties are very commonly labeled as suffering with attention deficit disorder or hyperactivity when it in many cases is not the correct diagnosis. These children are put onto medication which, although it slows them down, does nothing for their actual abilities to perform. Before allowing your child to be labeled and medicated it is a better idea to have your child thoroughly tested for any other underlying issues. Many of these issues can be rectified or improved through exercises and repetition and medication is not necessarily the answer although it may be a quick fix.

Pyschometric test is used by psychologists and occupational therapists where instances of learning difficulties or disabilities are assumed. This testing is a means by which the psychologists can access the cognitive and logical functioning of the child as well as personality and behavoiur traits that are predominant.

The results of these test are then carefully evaluated by the qualified psychologist or therapist in order to gain an insight into the childs mind and how it functions. These tests are easily able to access whether the problem lies with numeracy or literacy or in general logical thinking. If the problem in one specific area, this can usually be improved through exercises and work on this area. What you must realize is that once a problem area is found and improvements begin to take shape, you will find that your child begins to show more confidence and this already improves the child’s performance. A child who feels left behind and lost will not have the confidence to perform and that is a fact.

Behavioural issues are a cause for concern among children who suffer with learning difficulties or disabilities. These children often act out because they feel left behind and isolated from their peers. Often they are teased and made to feel inferior by their classmates. The misbehaving, the feel, draws attention away from their learning incapablities. Psychometric testing will evaluate a child’s behaviour in certain situations, their actions and their reactions. Children who can’t cope under pressure often act out or seem as if they can’cope with the work when in fact it isn’t the work that is the problem but rather the situation itself.

Psychometric testing, coupled with one-on-one interviews and discussions will give the evaluator a much more rounded idea of the inner working of the child and the situation surrounding the child at that present moment.

We must bear in mind that it is not only children with learning difficulties that display lack of focus or behavioural problems, gifted children may display the same. Boredom with the work at hand and longing for bigger challenges can lead a child who is intellectually gifted to appear as if they can’t concentrate or manage with the work in front of them when the opposite is in fact true. The child has no problem with the work but finds the task unchallenging and easy. Misdiagnosing a child like this with attention deficit or hyperactivity disorder and medicating them accordingly is something that often happens and the child is held back from reaching the greatness they so desire.

Don’t take the first opinion given on your child that they are slow or have a learning difficulty if you believe otherwise. Take your child for a thorough assessment by a trained professional who knows exactly which psychometric tests need to be carried out in order to test your child efficiently and in order to access if it is in fact attention deficit disorder.

It is important to explain to your child that the tests are nothing to be scared of and that the evaluator is simply finding out things about them so that they can begin to perform better at school. Your will probably find that your child is relieved that they will finally be able to avoid isolation and teasing at school and that they can begin to feel more in control of their lives.

Make sure your child has a hearty breakfast to keep his/her energy levels at a maximum so that they are able to think clearly and focus. Put your child to sleep at a reasonable hour and ensure that they are able to get a good night sleep, feeling rejuvenated and refreshed to take on the task at hand. Be sure to remind your child that they must drink plenty of fluids. Allow your child to feel and comfortable and confident as possible on the morning of the test and keep them calm and relaxed leading up to it.

Your child is important and deserves the best chance possible to succeed. Yes, there are instances where medication is necessary but before reaching for that, access whether that really is the case for your child. Remember you know your child better than anyone else and you are the first person who will notice a problem, if you do then don’t avoid it, admit it and get your child to a testing center as soon as you can. The sooner problems are detected, the more quickly they can be rectified. There is no shame in learning disablities at all and they can be caused by many factors. Many of these children are extremely intelligent, they just lack the ability to get what they know into an organized formation on a sheet of paper.

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