What Is Psychometric Testing?

Psychometric testing is a means of scientifically measuring the mental capacity, behavioural patterns and cognitive function of a particular individual. These test are becoming more widely used in the human resources and employment sectors as well as in the selection of career and study paths for students.

There are various types of psychometric tests and each is aimed at seeking results within a different area of psychometrics. The function of the psychometric testing process is to measure an individuals suitability for a particular work role or further studies in a particular field.

Psychometric test


Psychometric testing allows the employer or evaluator to learn things about the individual that are easily hidden during an one-on-one interview. Individuals were easily able to highlight areas they felt were positive and distract attention away from the negative factors when being interviewed in a personal situation, with psychometric testing this becomes almost impossible to conceal. Psychometric testing makes everything visible whether you like it or not.

Psychometric testing measures your abilities to perform tasks using logic, determines your reactions to certain situations and how you will manage under a pressure situation. It determines character traits that will make you a suitable candidate to work with a team or whether you should pursue a career where you work individually to achieve results. Interactions with people and leadership qualities are also measured.

What students who are selecting fields to pursue must realize is that the test is not one you can pass or fail, the tests are simply to help you gain a better understanding of yourself. There are things about yourself that you may not even be aware of but that could potentially set you on a path to success in a field you would not normally have chosen.

Once the test has been taken, the qualified evaluator or career psychologist will examine the results and formulate some feedback with which to discuss with you, the student. This is a time when the evaluator will find out more personal things about you, your current situations, you dreams for the future and perhaps even the relationships you may have with your peers or family. He/she will then combine these with the scientific analysis from the tests and discuss with you which are your strong characteristics and which you need to work on.

Your career psychologist will by now know which career path you have selected to follow and will offer advice on whether this is correct for you according to the statistics and results obtained from the tests. He/she will explain why you would be suited to a certain field and what characteristics you need to work on in order to pursue the field you have chosen. This will better help you understand where you stand and how to go about pursing your dream or it may make you think twice about your chosen field.

The results of psychometric testing should never be taken as results that will determine your life, they can be changed with hard work on your weaknesses. If you have the will ro follow a certain path, it is ultimately up to you and the work you are prepared to put into it.

Where psychometric test  is an improvement on the previous personal assessments is that the results are objective and based on scientific results accumulated from the test answers that you inputed. Personal assessments are based on subjective factors which makes the decision making process one that could potentially lead to incorrect decisions being made. Subjective decisions could depend on a number of factors, whether or not your personality clashes with that of the evaluator or even answers given on a one-on-one situation where you are under pressure. There is no room for misinterpretations with the scientific results produced by psychometric testing.

As a student, don’t allow the upcoming psychometric test get you into a panic. You can’t fail this test, remember that. Preparation for the test can only help you to improve yourself. Take psychometric tests which you are easily able to find online, review the results and see where you are lacking. Work hard on these areas and you will find that each time you take the test, you will improve. Do the tests within the time limit provided so that you get used to working within that time frame and this will help you stay relaxed and calm as the minutes tick by during your official test. By the time test day arrives you will feel more confident that you know what to expect and that the results you produce will be results that you know you have worked to improve. Be confident and calm.

Psychometric testing has been proven to give an extremely accurate report on the capabilities and behaviours of the candididate and a very fair evaluation of how they will inevitably perform within certain fields of study.

If you think about, students in modern day have an advantage over students from years gone by. They have the tools available to them to ensure that they make the right career choices from the start. They have the foresight into where they are strongest and on what weak characteristics they need to work in order to gain unltimate success. Psychometric testing for these reasons can cut our the occurrence of mistakes young people make in career selections, mistakes that cost them time and money. Imagine how much more quickly a student today is able to reach their goals and secure the job they want in the area they want because they know exactly what job they are suited for and are most likely to succeed in.

Psychometric testing changes and develops all the time and tests available vary considerably from each other. Testing is dependant on what in particular you are being tested for, character, logic or behaviour. Be aware of all the various tests that are available and try your hand and a variety so that you are prepared for anything that the career psychologist may throw your way.


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