What You Really Need To Know About Psychometric Testing

It needs to be understood that certain career paths and employment opportunities, although largely based on your ablilities, are also not possible to be carried out efficiently, without the correct personality traits. Besides having the necessary verbal and numerical abilities, a candidtate also needs to have a personality that allows them to interact and work with their peers in a manner that is suitable.

Psychometric testing

Psychometric test allow an individual to be objectively evaluated without taking into consideration their previous work experience. The tests objectively measure abilities in numeracy, literacy and logical thinking. There are no right or wrong answers to these questions. In some instances these tests allow those who suffer with nerves on the day to better display their abilities. Whether we are willing to agree or not, your personality plays a huge role in whether you are suited for a particular career path or position and there are psychometric tests that evaluate what kind of personality traits you have, how you react in certain situations and how you cope is pressure conditions. All these traits in your charachter will define the type of person you are and whether or not you can will be a good fit for a team situation.

You may be put through a rigorous battery of tests which will include ability, cognitive or aptitude tests as well as personality or behavioural tests.

Ability tests are primarily used to access how individuals perform during certain tasks. The tasks in question are more often than not, tasks that need to be completed within the chosen career path, on any given day. These types of tests include tests which evaluate logical reasoning. They are taken under timed conditions which are strictly adhered to. The results are compared with the results of others who have taken the test under the same conditions and within the same time frame.

  • Verbal
  • Numberical
  • Spelling or punctuation
  • Reasoning

These are all variations of tests that may be carried out.

There are way to improve your abilities before your official test day. Take note of the requirements for a particular career path and pay careful attention to these questions while you take practice tests. Read the questions carefully and make sure you understand them before answering. Repetition in this scenario is the best way to improve your results. Take as many online psychometric tests as you can find and try out a variety. This repetitive action and practice will ensure that your results improve before the official test.

Personality tests are tests carried out to discover how each individual will react in certain situations and how they will behave in certain contexts of the occupation or career path. Once again there are no right or wrong answers and what is required is for you to answer as honestly as you can. The trick to allowing the evaluator to see who you really are, is to be yourself, don’t be afraid to answer honestly as this is how you allow your personality stand out and most of all don’t panic. Stay relaxed and focuses on the task at hand and let your true colors shine.

Psychometric testing is almost always carried out in conjuction with other tests Don’t spend all your time worrying about the physical test, pay careful attention to what may be asked in the interview phase and to how you portray yourself there. Whether it be for a job application or in order for a career psychologist to assist you on the right career path, take these tests seriously and they can be of great value to you in the long-term.

Measured abilites can always be improved on through attention to your weaker areas and continued efforts to work on those areas. Repetition is something that is valuable in improving your results, do word puzzles and puzzles using logic and you will find that your results will improve. Personality is something that makes us who we are. You can try to hide your personality traits but in the end, they will come out. It is better to be honest in your answers and allow the evaluator to build a correct personality portfolio to better evaluate you for certain career paths or employment opportunities than to remain neutral with little display of your charachter. Doing this may make you appear as if you have no personality for yourself and you may very well put yourself out of a position that you may have been perfect for.

Never be afraid to be yourself. You are perfect in every way and there is an occupation out there that is perfectly suited to your personality. Of course we all have areas on which we have to work, imagine if we were all exactly alike, what a boring world we would be living in. Diversity is what makes the human race so interesting. Embrace who you are and the perfect career path will seek you out. Don’t change who you are in order to fit into a certain “box” because at the end of the day you may end up really hating the work you have chosen or hating the person you have become. Be passionate about what you want to do and follow your dreams. If that means working on certain cognitive areas then so be it, the hard work will be worth it in the end. Unfortunately personality is born in us and it is a difficult task to to try to be someone you aren’t so don’t even try.

Psychometric testing has prove invaluable in assisting students select career paths for which they have the abilities to succeed in and it has also allowed students the knowledge of which areas they have to work on to improve if they wish to succeed. It may be a daunting thought having to be subjected to this kind of test but don’t think of it that way, rather view this as a time to learn who you really are, drop your guards and let the real you shine bright.

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