Advantage for Students & Parents

These products works as a magical wave for students who are going through a phase of immense emotional, physical, and academic transition at this age. The pressure of choosing the right course and career is the top priority for any student. On the one hand there is confusion because of many available lucrative careers; on the other hand, there are too many influencers like the media, friends and family.

These products are aimed at helping all students from a practical, unbiased and neutral standpoint and helping them make the RIGHT decision regarding their course and career.

Upon completion of the test every student gets comprehensive report, consists of personalized career suggestions for each student.

The students get to understand the career suggestions for their unique combination of Interests, values and skills present in them.

On the basis of the report, the student will be able to get complete clarity on what are the right subjects / courses / careers for him / her.

It will also help the student in chalking out his / her career goals and do proper career planning.

The student becomes a part of the community that is self-aware and moving forward with positive motivation in their lives.

These products are even beneficial for parents as more often than not, it is the parents who are the most confused when it comes to helping their child choose the right career. Today, there are a plenty of lucrative career choices. The parents, though, are not too sure how to help their child pick the right career. That is precisely why Career Quest is of immense help for parents also.

Parents also get to know about the inherent strengths, aptitude and personality of their child. This acts as a basis for taking academic, non-academic and career decisions.