Psychometric Testing vs Personality Testing

Psychometric testing is the scientific and objective evaluation of your abilities, aptitudes, and reasoning skills. Personality tests on the other hand, although a division of psychometric testing, evaluates your personality traits, your behavioural tendencies, how you act and react in situations, if you work well as part of a team or flourish on your own, and how you handle pressure and stress.

These are both extremely important areas to evaluate when deciding on a career path. You can have all the aptitude in the world, but without the necessary social skills or personality, you will never flourish. 

Psychometric Testing

Psychometric testing is in place with the aim of serving a variety of purposes. It is often valuable in determining a career path, or gauging necessary characteristics for a particular career type. Psychometric testing can also be used to evaluate factors such as the values that are held by the individual, situational judgement, emotional intelligence (which is as important as the intelligence quotient), settings, as well as the individuals suitability for a particular career type.

Psychometric testing does not demand rigorous preparation and is aimed rather at evaluation the more natural facets of an individual. Answering honestly is the only way to achieve results that actually bear some weight. By answering what you think you are required to, over what you want to, you are only giving false results, and jeopardising the help that these tests can actually provide. Psychometric testing is usually conducted in multiple choice format however, it is not limited to this. There are cases where other formats are used such as questionnaires, or through the use of hypothetical situations in order to gauge an individuals natural reaction.

This kind of testing can be used to evaluate a number of distinguishing characteristics in individuals. It can judge how well and individual can cope with stress, if they have leadership qualities and to what degree, emotional stability, sociability level, relationships, learning capacities, thinking structures, and what motivates them to achieve.

This kind of testing measures aptitude, ability, and intelligence, as well as reasoning skills which are extremely important in any chosen career.

Personality Tests

The personality test is a type of psychometric test. It is often used in career counselling. It takes into account the personality of the tested individual and their social interactions with those who are around them on a daily basis, or could be around them if a specific career path is chosen.

A personality test will be decisive in distinguishing whether or not you were born to lead, or are better off being a loyal follower. It will distinguish whether you are a team player, or a loner who flourishes. This kind of test will give so much insight into your social skills and how you react in certain situations. Stress is a major factor in everyday life, and how you deal with it, will determine whether or not you are suited to high pressure positions, or should stick with career choices that do not present as much stress. Let’s face it, some people definitely cope and perform better when working under stressful situations, while others show cracks easily.

Always ensure you use a credible test originator and that results and feedback presented, are done so by a professional. Be honest and spontaneous in your answers. Don’t overthink the answers and provide false information because chances are your secrets will be revealed in the results. There is no hiding where personality testing is involved, that is how the tests are designed. Rather be honest, and find the career that suits you, than tell a white lie and end up hating the career you have chosen.

Which Test To Select

It is very important that the correct test, whether psychometric or personality, is used to measure the correct factors. The test needs to evaluate the requirements for a certain career choice. Tests are so varied and diverse, that it is only a trained professional that will know exactly which test will measure what needs to be measured. Undergoing tests that measure factors that have no bearing on your situation, are of no value to you, and in fact you are simply wasting your time.

Don’t undergo this kind of testing if you don’t want to know the truth. You need to be open-minded, and actually have a need to realise things about yourself that are necessary to help you select a career that if going to be fulfilling for you.

Too many people these days rush out of school and into a study situation. They take on study paths that have been influenced by their peers, their parents, or society in general. They haven’t taken into consideration what they may be good at, or what they are passionate about. So much money and time is wasted on studies that, in some cases, are never completed. Imagine how far you could have progressed in that wasted time, if you only underwent the psychometric evaluation, and chose the correct path from the start.

Don’t be too proud to say you aren’t quite sure. Don’ t simply do something because your friends are doing it, or your parents want you to do it. Do what makes you passionate, what you are designed for, what you have the personality and ability to pull of with success. We are all built differently, the characteristics you portray may not be the same as those portrayed by your sibling, and you can therefore never be expected to excel in the same areas. Being too afraid to stand up and be heard, to take the tests, to hear the results, can only lead to unfulfilled dreams, and a life void of the passion your career deserves. Yes, your career will be your means of income, but just imagine how much more productive you would be doing something you absolutely wake up loving. If you take the psychometric testing for any one reason, let it be for yourself and nobody else.

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