Our Products

Career Quest is one of the most sophisticated and innovative career path decision programs available worldwide. It uses a unique and scientifically developed and tested psychological assessment to measure a comprehensive profile of a student’s natural abilities, inborn talents and personality traits. When students understand their natural talents, they get a huge boost in confidence and develop very high Interest in the career paths that are shown to them

Young Sparks

This assessment is for young children below 12 years. Objective of this assessment is to identify the natural talents in young mind.

Career Quest

Career Quest is a psychometrically-developed tool designed to assess key attributes related tojobs and workplace. It provides career advice based on a comparison of the individual’s preferredinterests, values and skills benchmarked to the general population.

Career interest assessments have historically been an integral part of career guidance and personal development. Career Quest is able to enhance the process by going beyond what is normally assessed

Career Quest + Abilities

Additional to the Career Quest, participants are evaluated with their Verbal Reasoning, Numerical abilities and abstract reasoning. This will help them have a deep understanding on their abilities along with career guidance.

These products were developed by a group of psychologists with deep knowledge, rich experience and research in human capital industry.

We have carefully devised this program keeping in mind the Indian education set up and the Indian economic, cultural and social scenario.

Our aim is to empower the student with complete knowledge about their inherent strengths, their aptitude, personality and interests, and help them get clarity about their most fitting and right career and course.