Psychometric testing – Find Your Hidden Traits

When we think of our traits, we automatically cast our mind to traits which are easily measured and are usually things that are visible to the naked such as your height, whether you are slender or overweight and your eye color. These are things that are not really of huge importance when making decisions on your career path or when the time comes for an employer to decide whether you are suitable for a position within their company.

Psychometric testing

Traits that are of importance in this situation are things like intelligence, attitude, personality and beliefs or values and these traits are not easily accessible just be looking at someone. These are traits that have to be tested measured. These kinds of test of integral in helping to assertain how individuals will cope in a team environment and to simply allow individuals the opportunity to get to know themselves better.

Of course a persons personality and reactions to situations can be evaluated by asking questions and measuring their physical reactions and answers but these results can be affected by bias opinions which make the results subjective in nature and not completely accurate. Psychometric testing enables evaluations to be made and results to be obtained on a strictly objective plain and it has the added benefit of having scienific evidence backing up the results presented.

In order to ensure that a psychometric test offers reliable results they need to follow basic outlines or rules.

  • Tests must be standardized. They must be carried out in the same way each and every time and they must be carried out in the same time frame and under the same conditions. Carrying out the tests in this way will ensure that results are unbiased.
  • The tests must be reliable and produce consistent results. The tests must not be easily influenced by outside factors.
  • The test must produce valid results for what they are testing for.

Psychometric test generally measure interests, aptitude or cognitive abilities and personality. Interest tests reflect an individuals opinions and values in relation to their interest, tests measure the ability to perform in certain areas and carry out given tasks and personality tests reveal the inner working of how particular individuals react to certain situations and how they interact with other people and with the environment around them.

Psychometric evaluation can save you time which you would normally waste pursuing a career that is not at all suited to your requirements. These tests are easily carried out either using specialized software or even online. The tests are easily and quickly scored to provide you with results and feedback. The tests can be taken basically anywhere and can be administered to a group of people at one time. The cost saving for companies is tremendous not to mention time that is saved by trying to andminister tests one by one.

Psychometric testing can be used in a variety of applications and in each these tests are extremely reliable and consistent in producing results. These tests may be carried out to ensure that the correct person is hired to fill a particular position. Each individual will be tested to uncover whether they are intellectually suited for the position and if so, will their personality traits help them to progress or hold them back. Psychometric testing allows each individual the opportunity to determine what areas they can work on in order to improve their skills and over all performance. Testing an individuals ability to work within a team is imperative in the work environment and is something that many careers require. If an individual is aware of their own traits, it will make it easier for them to understand others. Selecting the correct career path for yourself can be daunting and a decision that needs careful thought and consideration. Psychometric testing will enable you to discover where your strong abilities lie and where your abilities need additional attention.

What must always be remembered is that you have the ability to change the outcome of your psychometric testing. There are certain things that you can do to improve your results. Practice as many tests that you can find online, repetition in this kind of situation is the best way to grasp areas where you seem to be lacking. Do as many mind building activities as you can and get that brain working. Exercise and eat a healthy diet, stay hydrated and get some well needed rest. You cannot function efficiently if you are tired. Take care of your body and your mind will be healthy. Create an environment where you can think clearly, stay focused and allow yourself the opportunity to grow.

Many people seem to think that psychometric testing is a route that is not the correct one to be following but can you honestly say that obtaining results that are objective and based on answers which you supply, is not reliable. This is possibly the most reliable way to gain insight into an individual. Of course these tests are not used alone but in conjunction with one-on-one interviews. The information obtained objectively will be combined with subjective information and a result reached, a result that has scientific backing and validity.

Learn more about yourself,find your hidden traits and talent. Perhaps you know you have an inclination to a certain subject but choose to suppress it for you own reasons. Now is the time to face facts and grab your opportunities with both hands. Always bear in mind that opportunity doesn’t often knock twice so learn and embrace the real you and learn how to master your skills and use your test results to your greatest advantage.

Psychometric testing is nothing to fear. Use it for what it is meant. A tool to gain insight into who you are and where you want to go. You are the master of your own future, take hold of it and run with it. Take advantage of what developments and progression and use it to your greatest advantage.



Prepare Your Child For Psychometric Testing

Psychometric testing is an invaluable tool in accessing your child’s abilities and directing them on the right career path. Children are asked at a young age to select to make choices that will affect their futures and possible there whole lives. Psychometric testing is a phrase that strikes fear and unease in many children but it really shouldn’t. It is up to the parents to ensure the child is well-informed on what the tests entail, and how the results can ultimately help them to make better decisions regarding their future. There are ways to help your child prepare for the psychometric tests and to ensure that they achieve the results that they deserve.

Psychometric test

As a parent it is your duty to ensure that should your child be subjected to psycometric evaluation, the evaluator should be qualified to carry out the tests and to supply comprehensive feedback.

There are so many ways to help your child to reach greater heights.

  • Diet – ensuring your child eats a healthy diet will ensure that your child is healthy in body and mind. Eating certain foods encourages production of chemicals that allow your child to feel great which will improve their confidence and outlook in general.
  • Exercise – your child should follow a regular exercise routine. This doesn’t necessarily mean that it has to be a complete intensive workout, even a mild jog will help. Exercise enables your brain to produce chemicals for that all over feeling of well-being. Exercise is a terrific way to relieve stress and to clear your mind of unwanted clutter. Your child’s body will feel healthy and strong as will their mind.
  • Sleep is something that is definitely underrated. Sleep is necessary to ensure that your child’s body is well rested and ready to take on any tasks at hand. Sleep relieves stress and allows your child to start each day with a clear, focused mind. Never underestimate the value of a good night sleep. It is undeniably a tool that every child should have at their disposal.
  • Encourage your child to take psychometric tests online, preferably a variety of them. Repeat the tests and improve results. The improvement in results will boost your child’s confidence and encourage them to try even harder.
  • Encourage other forms of exercising the brain, word games, suduko, crosswords, these are all tools that increase concentration, numeracy, logic and brain power.
  • Time you child while he/she takes the practice tests. The tests will be carried out in a timed environment and your child must be able to cope with that added pressure.
  • Explain to your child that this is not a test of whether they are good enough it is simply to access where they are strongest and what areas they need to work on a bit harder. It can’t be passed or failed. Your child should be relaxed and calm in order to perform and achieve properly to full their potential.
  • Read – reading will help your child to increase his/her vocabulary which will improve their English over all. Better vocabulary will result in improved writing skills as well as comprehension and understanding of the written word.
  • Ensure your child has the tools available that are required. If a calculator is allowed, ensure your child has one that is functioning and that they know how to properly use the instrument to achieve the desired results.
  • Believe – your child will only perform as well as his/her confidence allows. Encourage your child to believe in their abilities, boost their confidence regularly and let them know when they have performed and achieved.

The key to success in any form of psychometric test is practise, practise and more practise. The skills required are skills which can be bettered and improved through regular repetition so your child really has no excuse for lack of improvement if he/she is prepared to put in the work.

Encourage your child to listen with care to the feedback provided by the evaluator and to take avid part in the question and answer one-on-one scenario. This will allow the evaluator to make a full accessment of your child. Ask your child to be honest and upfront with the evaluator and to take any suggestions made into consideration.The career psychologist or evaluator is not their enemy and they need to realize from the start that this person is here to help them in any way that they can.

Let your child understand that their future is in their own hands. It is not up to the career psychologist to decide for them. He/she will simply help them to realize where they are strongest and which career choices suit those factors at the present moment. If your child has other ideas, the career psychologist can guide them by suggesting which areas they will need to work on improving in order to reach success.

Your child has a mind of his/her own and they should be allowed to decide for themselves which is the best possible future for them. You, as the parent, should however allow them to discover things about themselves they may not have realized or may have been suppressing. Children are often afraid to focus on things they really want to do for fear of disappointing their parents or being frowned upon by their peers and of course, the ever present fear of failing.

Allow your child every opportunity to discover themselves and to find a path that is perfectly suited to them. Failure is not a disaster if you see it in the right frame of mind. There is always something you can learn froma failed attempt at something and you will be sure to approach your next task in a different way completely.

Life is a series of learning curves and each should be dealt with by having all the information possible accessible. Give your child the flying start they truly deserve.

What Is Psychometric Testing?

Psychometric testing is a means of scientifically measuring the mental capacity, behavioural patterns and cognitive function of a particular individual. These test are becoming more widely used in the human resources and employment sectors as well as in the selection of career and study paths for students.

There are various types of psychometric tests and each is aimed at seeking results within a different area of psychometrics. The function of the psychometric testing process is to measure an individuals suitability for a particular work role or further studies in a particular field.

Psychometric test


Psychometric testing allows the employer or evaluator to learn things about the individual that are easily hidden during an one-on-one interview. Individuals were easily able to highlight areas they felt were positive and distract attention away from the negative factors when being interviewed in a personal situation, with psychometric testing this becomes almost impossible to conceal. Psychometric testing makes everything visible whether you like it or not.

Psychometric testing measures your abilities to perform tasks using logic, determines your reactions to certain situations and how you will manage under a pressure situation. It determines character traits that will make you a suitable candidate to work with a team or whether you should pursue a career where you work individually to achieve results. Interactions with people and leadership qualities are also measured.

What students who are selecting fields to pursue must realize is that the test is not one you can pass or fail, the tests are simply to help you gain a better understanding of yourself. There are things about yourself that you may not even be aware of but that could potentially set you on a path to success in a field you would not normally have chosen.

Once the test has been taken, the qualified evaluator or career psychologist will examine the results and formulate some feedback with which to discuss with you, the student. This is a time when the evaluator will find out more personal things about you, your current situations, you dreams for the future and perhaps even the relationships you may have with your peers or family. He/she will then combine these with the scientific analysis from the tests and discuss with you which are your strong characteristics and which you need to work on.

Your career psychologist will by now know which career path you have selected to follow and will offer advice on whether this is correct for you according to the statistics and results obtained from the tests. He/she will explain why you would be suited to a certain field and what characteristics you need to work on in order to pursue the field you have chosen. This will better help you understand where you stand and how to go about pursing your dream or it may make you think twice about your chosen field.

The results of psychometric testing should never be taken as results that will determine your life, they can be changed with hard work on your weaknesses. If you have the will ro follow a certain path, it is ultimately up to you and the work you are prepared to put into it.

Where psychometric test  is an improvement on the previous personal assessments is that the results are objective and based on scientific results accumulated from the test answers that you inputed. Personal assessments are based on subjective factors which makes the decision making process one that could potentially lead to incorrect decisions being made. Subjective decisions could depend on a number of factors, whether or not your personality clashes with that of the evaluator or even answers given on a one-on-one situation where you are under pressure. There is no room for misinterpretations with the scientific results produced by psychometric testing.

As a student, don’t allow the upcoming psychometric test get you into a panic. You can’t fail this test, remember that. Preparation for the test can only help you to improve yourself. Take psychometric tests which you are easily able to find online, review the results and see where you are lacking. Work hard on these areas and you will find that each time you take the test, you will improve. Do the tests within the time limit provided so that you get used to working within that time frame and this will help you stay relaxed and calm as the minutes tick by during your official test. By the time test day arrives you will feel more confident that you know what to expect and that the results you produce will be results that you know you have worked to improve. Be confident and calm.

Psychometric testing has been proven to give an extremely accurate report on the capabilities and behaviours of the candididate and a very fair evaluation of how they will inevitably perform within certain fields of study.

If you think about, students in modern day have an advantage over students from years gone by. They have the tools available to them to ensure that they make the right career choices from the start. They have the foresight into where they are strongest and on what weak characteristics they need to work in order to gain unltimate success. Psychometric testing for these reasons can cut our the occurrence of mistakes young people make in career selections, mistakes that cost them time and money. Imagine how much more quickly a student today is able to reach their goals and secure the job they want in the area they want because they know exactly what job they are suited for and are most likely to succeed in.

Psychometric testing changes and develops all the time and tests available vary considerably from each other. Testing is dependant on what in particular you are being tested for, character, logic or behaviour. Be aware of all the various tests that are available and try your hand and a variety so that you are prepared for anything that the career psychologist may throw your way.


What You Really Need To Know About Psychometric Testing

It needs to be understood that certain career paths and employment opportunities, although largely based on your ablilities, are also not possible to be carried out efficiently, without the correct personality traits. Besides having the necessary verbal and numerical abilities, a candidtate also needs to have a personality that allows them to interact and work with their peers in a manner that is suitable.

Psychometric testing

Psychometric test allow an individual to be objectively evaluated without taking into consideration their previous work experience. The tests objectively measure abilities in numeracy, literacy and logical thinking. There are no right or wrong answers to these questions. In some instances these tests allow those who suffer with nerves on the day to better display their abilities. Whether we are willing to agree or not, your personality plays a huge role in whether you are suited for a particular career path or position and there are psychometric tests that evaluate what kind of personality traits you have, how you react in certain situations and how you cope is pressure conditions. All these traits in your charachter will define the type of person you are and whether or not you can will be a good fit for a team situation.

You may be put through a rigorous battery of tests which will include ability, cognitive or aptitude tests as well as personality or behavioural tests.

Ability tests are primarily used to access how individuals perform during certain tasks. The tasks in question are more often than not, tasks that need to be completed within the chosen career path, on any given day. These types of tests include tests which evaluate logical reasoning. They are taken under timed conditions which are strictly adhered to. The results are compared with the results of others who have taken the test under the same conditions and within the same time frame.

  • Verbal
  • Numberical
  • Spelling or punctuation
  • Reasoning

These are all variations of tests that may be carried out.

There are way to improve your abilities before your official test day. Take note of the requirements for a particular career path and pay careful attention to these questions while you take practice tests. Read the questions carefully and make sure you understand them before answering. Repetition in this scenario is the best way to improve your results. Take as many online psychometric tests as you can find and try out a variety. This repetitive action and practice will ensure that your results improve before the official test.

Personality tests are tests carried out to discover how each individual will react in certain situations and how they will behave in certain contexts of the occupation or career path. Once again there are no right or wrong answers and what is required is for you to answer as honestly as you can. The trick to allowing the evaluator to see who you really are, is to be yourself, don’t be afraid to answer honestly as this is how you allow your personality stand out and most of all don’t panic. Stay relaxed and focuses on the task at hand and let your true colors shine.

Psychometric testing is almost always carried out in conjuction with other tests Don’t spend all your time worrying about the physical test, pay careful attention to what may be asked in the interview phase and to how you portray yourself there. Whether it be for a job application or in order for a career psychologist to assist you on the right career path, take these tests seriously and they can be of great value to you in the long-term.

Measured abilites can always be improved on through attention to your weaker areas and continued efforts to work on those areas. Repetition is something that is valuable in improving your results, do word puzzles and puzzles using logic and you will find that your results will improve. Personality is something that makes us who we are. You can try to hide your personality traits but in the end, they will come out. It is better to be honest in your answers and allow the evaluator to build a correct personality portfolio to better evaluate you for certain career paths or employment opportunities than to remain neutral with little display of your charachter. Doing this may make you appear as if you have no personality for yourself and you may very well put yourself out of a position that you may have been perfect for.

Never be afraid to be yourself. You are perfect in every way and there is an occupation out there that is perfectly suited to your personality. Of course we all have areas on which we have to work, imagine if we were all exactly alike, what a boring world we would be living in. Diversity is what makes the human race so interesting. Embrace who you are and the perfect career path will seek you out. Don’t change who you are in order to fit into a certain “box” because at the end of the day you may end up really hating the work you have chosen or hating the person you have become. Be passionate about what you want to do and follow your dreams. If that means working on certain cognitive areas then so be it, the hard work will be worth it in the end. Unfortunately personality is born in us and it is a difficult task to to try to be someone you aren’t so don’t even try.

Psychometric testing has prove invaluable in assisting students select career paths for which they have the abilities to succeed in and it has also allowed students the knowledge of which areas they have to work on to improve if they wish to succeed. It may be a daunting thought having to be subjected to this kind of test but don’t think of it that way, rather view this as a time to learn who you really are, drop your guards and let the real you shine bright.

Psychometric Testing To Evaluate Learning Disabilities Or Behaviour Issues

Psychometric testing is becoming more useful in a number of applications in this modern day. Human resources companies are using this kind of testing as a means of selecting applicants that are suitable for the open position. Career psychologists are using psychometric testing to assist school going children in subject selections for their future career paths. Psychometric testing has even progressed and crept into other areas relating to children and is now commonly used as a means of accessing learning disablilites and behavioural problems.

Psychometric testing

Children with learning difficulties are very commonly labeled as suffering with attention deficit disorder or hyperactivity when it in many cases is not the correct diagnosis. These children are put onto medication which, although it slows them down, does nothing for their actual abilities to perform. Before allowing your child to be labeled and medicated it is a better idea to have your child thoroughly tested for any other underlying issues. Many of these issues can be rectified or improved through exercises and repetition and medication is not necessarily the answer although it may be a quick fix.

Pyschometric test is used by psychologists and occupational therapists where instances of learning difficulties or disabilities are assumed. This testing is a means by which the psychologists can access the cognitive and logical functioning of the child as well as personality and behavoiur traits that are predominant.

The results of these test are then carefully evaluated by the qualified psychologist or therapist in order to gain an insight into the childs mind and how it functions. These tests are easily able to access whether the problem lies with numeracy or literacy or in general logical thinking. If the problem in one specific area, this can usually be improved through exercises and work on this area. What you must realize is that once a problem area is found and improvements begin to take shape, you will find that your child begins to show more confidence and this already improves the child’s performance. A child who feels left behind and lost will not have the confidence to perform and that is a fact.

Behavioural issues are a cause for concern among children who suffer with learning difficulties or disabilities. These children often act out because they feel left behind and isolated from their peers. Often they are teased and made to feel inferior by their classmates. The misbehaving, the feel, draws attention away from their learning incapablities. Psychometric testing will evaluate a child’s behaviour in certain situations, their actions and their reactions. Children who can’t cope under pressure often act out or seem as if they can’cope with the work when in fact it isn’t the work that is the problem but rather the situation itself.

Psychometric testing, coupled with one-on-one interviews and discussions will give the evaluator a much more rounded idea of the inner working of the child and the situation surrounding the child at that present moment.

We must bear in mind that it is not only children with learning difficulties that display lack of focus or behavioural problems, gifted children may display the same. Boredom with the work at hand and longing for bigger challenges can lead a child who is intellectually gifted to appear as if they can’t concentrate or manage with the work in front of them when the opposite is in fact true. The child has no problem with the work but finds the task unchallenging and easy. Misdiagnosing a child like this with attention deficit or hyperactivity disorder and medicating them accordingly is something that often happens and the child is held back from reaching the greatness they so desire.

Don’t take the first opinion given on your child that they are slow or have a learning difficulty if you believe otherwise. Take your child for a thorough assessment by a trained professional who knows exactly which psychometric tests need to be carried out in order to test your child efficiently and in order to access if it is in fact attention deficit disorder.

It is important to explain to your child that the tests are nothing to be scared of and that the evaluator is simply finding out things about them so that they can begin to perform better at school. Your will probably find that your child is relieved that they will finally be able to avoid isolation and teasing at school and that they can begin to feel more in control of their lives.

Make sure your child has a hearty breakfast to keep his/her energy levels at a maximum so that they are able to think clearly and focus. Put your child to sleep at a reasonable hour and ensure that they are able to get a good night sleep, feeling rejuvenated and refreshed to take on the task at hand. Be sure to remind your child that they must drink plenty of fluids. Allow your child to feel and comfortable and confident as possible on the morning of the test and keep them calm and relaxed leading up to it.

Your child is important and deserves the best chance possible to succeed. Yes, there are instances where medication is necessary but before reaching for that, access whether that really is the case for your child. Remember you know your child better than anyone else and you are the first person who will notice a problem, if you do then don’t avoid it, admit it and get your child to a testing center as soon as you can. The sooner problems are detected, the more quickly they can be rectified. There is no shame in learning disablities at all and they can be caused by many factors. Many of these children are extremely intelligent, they just lack the ability to get what they know into an organized formation on a sheet of paper.

Psychometric Testing Is The Way To The Right Career Path

The future is already a daunting thought for teens who leaving school. Of course there is excitement about their impending freedom and of what the future has in store for them but there are also very important decisions that must be made. If you child is looking to pursue further studies after school it is really imperative that the right career path is chosen and one that the child will enjoy and excel in. Making wrong decisions at the start can end up costing a small fortune and the valuable time wasted pursuing a career path that is not really their cup of tea, can never be regained.

Psychometric testing has become a very large part of the career counseling process and one that has proved to be invaluable when the times comes to make the right decisions for your child’s future.

Psychometric test

Psychometric testing measures many factors and facets or an individual and provides scientific reports which are formulated using the answers supplied to the question. Each person will have different results and this is what makes the human race so fascinating. No two people are the exactly the same, yes, they may have similarities but they are never the same.

Psychometric testing is a mental evaluation which touches on a variety of factors which all closely work together to produce each individual. The interest of an individual play a vital role in career selection as a person who chooses a career path that they are passionate about and really enjoy will far more likely succeed than someone who chooses something that they dread waking up to each morning. This kind of testing will evaluate the personality of you child. It will reveal response and behavioral pattern in certain situations as well as reactions to certain situations. Doing evaluations on personality traits will help to access what kind of work environment your child would best be suited in and what kind of position. If your child is perhaps someone who doesn’t cope well under pressure then those situations would be best left untouched until your child has worked on and mastered this weakness. An individuals values and what they believe in often play a major role in what kind of environment is suitable for them to work in. Some people’s beliefs prevent them from working in certain environments and in certain types of businesses but in other instances a person’s beliefs may be the driving force of why they would succeed at certain positions.  Aptitude involves the measurement of your child’s ability to reason on different levels, verbal, numerical, logical and perceptual and it measures cognitive functioning in these areas. Testing these areas help to pinpoint your child’s strengths and weaknesses and which traits that should aim to work on and improve.

Psychometric testing should only be carried out by fully trained and accredited individuals who are also easily able to score and offer feedback on the results. It is in these results and the feedback provided that untold treasures are revealed. Using these scores as well as in depth one on one interviewing where ambitions and circumstances are discussed, the professional will be able to advise which career paths best suit your child’s abilities, personality, character and aptitude. The results are scientific and calculated against responses given to provided questions, they are not subjective results based only on what your child’s verbal responses are to questions.

Psychometric testing often reveals things about your child that they themselves did not know or did know deep down but have tried to keep from sight. This is the best time to lay everything on the table as such and evaluate areas where your child excels and areas where they need to concentrate on improving. The career psychologist will explain how improving certain areas will change the outlook of their results.

There is no right or wrong answer to the questions in psychometric testing and there is no way to pass or fail. This is not a test that you can base results purely on luck. Encourage your child to partake in some practice tests online before the official evaluation and as they practice, they will see apparent improvements in results. Don’t get your child nervous to write the test, they need to be as relaxed and calm as possible so that they may think clearly and concentrate. Time your child while they take practice tests as most psychometric test is done in a timed and controlled environment and they need to get used to that beforehand.

Ensure your child eats well and follows a healthy exercise regime in order to keep strong and healthy, a healthy body and mind is needed to excel and succeed. Monitor your child’s sleeping patterns and encourage them to get a full, good night sleep as this will allow them to feel revitalized and refreshed to take on each days challenges. The day of the test, ensure your child eats a healthy and substantial breakfast to provide that extra energy and ability to concentrate completely.

Your child needs to understand what the testing is about and how it will help them. Encourage them to ask questions or voice their concerns so that these are not weighing on their minds in the lead up to the evaluation causing a distraction. If your child is nervous or afraid to reveal that they have a learning disability of hearing impairment for example, assure them that these must be revealed so that the conductor of the tests can make the environment as comfortable as possible for them to excel and produce their best results. They will not be judged in any way.

Psychometric testing is the best option in ensuring your child starts on the right path from the outset and takes up studies in a career line that is suitable to them in every way. Save money, wasted time and feelings of discouragement by choosing correctly the first time and your child will thank you for it in the future of that I am sure.

Psychometric Testing to Assist With Subject Choices

Psychometric testing is a practice that is becoming very popular as a means of measuring abilities, capabilities, personality traits and cognitive functions. This can be of great  assistance for children who are at a point in their school careers where they need to start making selections of subjects which will carry them through to further studies and a career that they want to pursue.

Psychometric testing allows the professional to carefully and skillfully evaluate personality traits, behavioral factors which would include reactions to certain situations as well as the ability to cope under pressure or in high pressure situations, reasoning will also be evaluated in in all areas which will include numeracy.

Psychometric test

The importance of these tests can not be explained. The weaknesses and strengths of the individual are pointed out and areas that need additional work are made clear. The career psychologist assisting your child will have in depth discussions with your child in order to ascertain what their hopes and ambitions are, what their circumstances are and meter their emotional maturity. This discussion, paired with the results from the psychometric test will offer the career psychologist a much wider view of the individual using objective and scientific results.

The career psychologist will discuss with your child where his strengths or weaknesses lie and what career paths and environments are best suited to his particular personality. This is a process that must be undertaken before you child makes subject selections at school level. Often the wrong subjects are chosen and when it comes time to apply to universities for the particular course they want to study, they find that they will not be accepted because the subjects are irrelevant to the course.

Of course your child may not completely agree with the results presented and they may not necessarily take the advise of the career psychologist. If you are lucky, you have a child that will do what the have passion for and if the scores say otherwise, they will work hard to improve in those areas rather than give up on their dream or sell themselves short. If you are well aware that your child is disagreeing through stubbornness, do something about it before it’s too late. Making the wrong choices now could negatively affect his future. You don’t want your child to have to settle for whatever he can study with his chosen subjects.

Psychometric testing will also prove valuable in assessing the study methods your child is capable of using successfully. Some children need the rigidity of a school or educational environment where there are rules and regulations predetermined, while others may thrive working on their own at home and at their own pace. This will depend on the personality traits of your child and whether they have the behavioral patterns necessary to commit and follow a schedule without being supervised.

Always explain to your child the necessity to have the psychometric testing done and let them know that this is to help them to make more informed choices and to become aware of areas they need to work on and strengthen. Often we are completely unaware that we are actually lacking in those areas so continue on as normal, never trying to improve. If your child is visually able to see the results of the scientific testing, they are better able to understand what is meant by areas of weakness. They may automatically think that they are useless in these areas when that is not the case at all.

The career psychologist will be able to explain to your child which subjects are suitable for which career paths and which tested areas are required to succeed in these areas. These discussions will lengthy and your child will be given some information to read over so that they can go home and really give some thought into what they want to do with their lives.

It is not an easy task selecting subjects that will ultimately define the course of your study path and eventually your career choice. Don’t allow your child to choose subject based simply on how easy they are, this in itself shows no ambition or urgency to better themselves and is a problem from the start. Encourage your child to challenge themselves at every opportunity.

It is your duty as the parent, to enter into discussions with your child following the testing and make decisions with your child. Ultimately it is your child’s decision but you should be able to guide them in the right direction.  If you force them on a path they want nothing to do with, then you can expect them to fail as they will have no inclination to study or pay any attention to that. Rather allow them to select but make suggestions and back your suggestions up with valid reasoning. If your child knows that you have their best interests at heart, they will take heed to what you say, they may not do as you say but they will listen.

Psychometric testing is invaluable in this decision making process and each and every child should be allowed the opportunity to take part in this kind of testing and really get to know themselves completely. Sometimes just that insight into who they really are will open up a whole new world of possibilities.

Take your child to a professional who is licensed and registered with the correct authorities and be certain that they are capable of carrying out the tests, scoring them and offering feedback that is both insightful and helpful. The aim of the tests is to make your child decisions that little bit easier and allow them to be made in an informed manner. Encourage your child to take the tests seriously and to really put effort into them because they may define their future and ultimately be the reason they choose a specific career path. Remind your child that this is a test that cannot be passed or failed but that the results are there to show what areas you need to improve on and which areas you are more than capable in.

How To Conquer Psychometric Testing

Psychometric testing is in essence simply a mental test which allows certain facets of each individual to be measured. It is a measure of an individuals mental skill and abilities. Many factors contribute to a person’s over all mental skill. Personality, intelligence, memory, behavior and even sensitivity are all key factors in measuring mental skill. All these factors play a huge role in the way each individual reacts in certain situations, copes with pressure, and completes tasks among many other things.

In modern times many companies use this form of testing as part of their human resources process and in assisting to find suitable candidates to fill vacant positions. If you are lucky enough to receive an invitation to interview and you have been informed that you will have to undergo psychometric testing and evaluation, there is no need to be alarmed. Stay calm, research, practice and you will do just fine.

Psychometric test

Bear in mind that this is not a test that can be successfully completed on the basis of luck. This is the kind of test where you have to prepare and practice. The repetitive action of redoing similar question and tasks over and over will definitely increase your scores each and every time and each time the tasks will become easier to complete successfully. You have been given a chance to ensure that you score high results and secure the position so use this to your advantage. Take as many psychometric test online as you can and increase your chances of scoring in the high rankings. The higher your scores, the more likely the position will be yours. Think of this as an opportunity and not as a hindrance or obstacle standing in your way. This is a chance to learn valuable information about yourself and to improve yourself.

There are particular times when an employee does request that staff who are already employed with the company undergo psychometric testing. There is no need for this to send you into a panic or fear that you may lose your job. Your employer is simply accessing the suitability of each person for their particular work positions. Perhaps your employer may consider moving you to a new position or department based on your results or he may leave you in your existing position on receiving confirmation that you are perfectly suited for it. Have confidence in your abilities and capabilities and tackle the test with your full commitment.

Be prepared for the test and understand that your test administrator may take the old school approach of a pencil and paper test or the more modern approach of completing the test online. Use whatever resources you have in the form of psychometric papers which you can find online and practice until you are able to perform the tasks with your eyes closed.  Enter the examination room well rested and with a winning attitude. Confidence and belief in yourself are great contributing factors to excellent results. Negative thoughts and connotations should be left outside the exam room as these will only set doubt loose in your mind and you will end up psyching yourself out from the start.  If you have a disability don’t be afraid to inform your test administrator and they will be more than happy to accommodate you to ensure you perform at your best. Yes this isn’t your interview as such but dress smart as you are still competing against other individuals and you need to portray the professional you are.  Take a few moments to gather your thoughts before beginning, work through the answers you know and then with the left over time go back and complete ones you may have left out. Take note of any messages or instructions which may be marked on the pages. If you are really stumped on a particular question, an educated guess will be worth attempting as you didn’t know the answer to begin with.

For interview purposes, most of the questions asked are general knowledge and will test you ability to work in a team as well as your leadership skills. Your personal strengths and weaknesses will also be measured.  There are almost always maths related problems so definitely brush up on those skills.

Follow a healthy diet, exercise frequently and drink enough water to keep yourself hydrated and flush out any toxins. Following a healthy regime will leave you feeling refreshed and clear minded. Exercise will help relieve stress which will leave you feeling calm and relaxed and able to focus on the tasks at hand. Exercise also promotes the production of feel good hormoes in the body and these are an instant confidence booster and will have you feeling on top of the world in no time at all. Sleep is imperative to a clear and focused mind that is capable of concentration. Sleep needs to be “good” sleep, sleep that leaves you well rested and revitalized for a new day of work.

It is good advice to try to get some feedback on your test. Whether or not you progress in the interview stage it is a good tool to have. Remember that probably half the class taking the test with you will not obtain the results they expect or desire but there is hope if you simply keep working on it and keep trying. The results will reveal where your aptitude lies and in which area you still need to work to improve. Persevere and keep trying. Take any personality, IQ or puzzles like sudoku that you can lay your hands on as these will sharpen your mind and broaden your thought and problem solving horizons. This is the time when you really need to expand your mind in every sense of the word. Redo practice tests and when you feel confident that there has been improvement, apply again and you never know you may be successful this time around.

Be prepared and definitely don’t depend on luck to pull you through, if you want that amazing job, you are going to have to work for it and prove your worth.